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whitemule art

My artist mother put crayons in my hands as soon as I could hold them. Later, I attended art school for training in commercial art and illustration but abandoned that idea in favor of life in the sixties, drawing the people and places around me, and for awhile becoming a potter. At some point in the seventies I began working in soft pastels, and was soon working exclusively in that medium.

A serious animal lover, my primary focus is on commissioned portraits of dogs, horses, cats and other animal companions.   

Below are samples of some of my recent work: dogs, horses, and a few other subjects. I hope you enjoy scrolling through them; most of the pieces on these pages are available as giclee prints. If you see something you like, feel free to contact me, and for information on your own custom commissions you can reach me at:

Thank you


Many of my portraits are of dogs. Sometimes they are gifts for family members, or commissioned in memory of a beloved pet.

Here are a few of them:


14x16, assorted soft pastels and pastel pencils on Art Spectrum Colourfix.

This young hound was left behind when the rest of the pack left for a hunt, and his expression in an original photograph by Mark Jump immediately attracted me.

Giclee prints are available


9 X 12, soft pastels on Art Spectrum Colourfix.

"Rufus," a fine old man with a love of play was a commission. He is in a private collection. Giclee prints available



9 X12, soft pastels on Art Spectrum Colourfix

A direct descendent from the original Lassie, this boy is no longer here, but was commissioned as a memorial gift for his owner.


12x14, soft pastels on Wallis archival paper.

Snowflake is a therapy dog. His calm, friendly nature makes him a favorite when visiting the local VA hospital, and in area long-term care facilities. 



9 X 12, soft pastels and pastel pencils on Uart Black paper

A rescue, Dino has overcome some serious challenges to his health, and is very much loved by his owners. 

Horses are another of my most requested subjects. As a horsewoman myself, I love capturing the life and personality in a horse's (or donkey's or pony's!) eyes. 


9X12, Soft pastel, Diane Townsend Gold, and pastel pencil on Uart 400


Rowley is owned by Cheryl Pratt Rivers of SC and VT. After an international career in carriage driving, he now gives riding lessons to a young girl in Vermont, is driven, and ridden sidesaddle by a friend in Windsor.  


9x12, Soft pastels and pastel pencil on UArt 400

Ann and Penelope were well known as top contenders on the barrel racing circuit. This portrait was commissioned after Penelope became ill, and Ann ultimately lost her. 


9x12 on Art Spectrum Colourfix, soft pastels and pastel pencil.

My friend Joe used to drive and compete his pony Jeb. Jeb is in his 30s,  still thinks he's 10, and is retired now for his own good. This was a Christmas gift to Joe.


5 x8, soft pastels on Canson Pastel paper

A number of years ago I spent some time visiting a friend in Egypt. This small painting was done after I'd returned home and was looking through my photos for subjects to paint. 


11 x 14, Soft pastels on Wallis Archival.

If this looks familiar it's because this is my own pony mule, Sint Niklaas aka Nicky. The original white mule. In this picture I used a background image of a storm coming up over the cotton fields in Montmorenci, SC, and added my favorite view:  Nicky in harness. 

But, I sometimes paint other things too!

Below is a selection of those I've done when not working on commissions. 


9x12 soft pastel on paper. 


9x12, soft pastels, pastel pencils, worked with razor blade, on ArtSpectrum Colourfix

A photographer friend of mine, Jason Overby, kindly gives me permission to use his work as a resource. Thanks to him for this momma and calf!

You Looking at Me.jpg


12 X 16, Soft pastels on Wallis Archival, worked with razor blade

Another based upon one of Jason's photos. 

And that, for the moment, is a sampling of my work. Thank you for scrolling through it!

If you've enjoyed looking at it, have any ideas you'd like to see painted, or are interested in prints of anything, please contact me at for information and pricing.

Thanks again, Laurie

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